Antonian Health | Basic VIP Check-Up

Basic VIP Check-Up


Preventive Medicine has been growing in the last decade as people are demanding more from their health care providers. At Antonian Health, we can guarantee the best guidance for health preservation and life enhancement. We offer annual medical checkups as well as screening exams depending on your age and lifestyle.

Antonian Health also provides corporate health care management. This program consists of annual medical checkups for the company’s employees to make sure every individual is performing at its best. Many studies have shown that having a healthy work environment boosts the company’s productivity and development.

Check Up Includes:

  • Internal medicine doctor consult
  • Complete blood count

    The CBC is used as a broad screening to check for certain blood disorders such as anemia and infections. By examining all the blood components it provides a more specific health screening.

  • Ferritin assay

    This exam measures the amount of ferritin in the blood.

  • Comprehensive metabolic panel

    This comprehensive blood test examines for the presence of several diseases including diabetes, hepatitis, high cholesterol and more.

  • Lipid panel

    The lipid panel’s most important function is to determine risk of coronary heart disease.

  • Myeloperoxidase, F2-Isoprostane, hsCRP

    Tests to check for inflammation and damage in the lining of the blood vessel. These are early markers for plaque formation.

  • LpPLA2, Microalbumin

    Tests to check for damage occurring to the small cells lining the blood vessel wall called endothelial lining. Endothelial damage indicates one of the earliest steps of blood vessel disease and increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

  • Oxidized LDL, Apo A1 and Apo B, and Lipoprotein (a)

    Tests used to measure various elements of cholesterol that indicate the risk for heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Such measures are also used to determine if treatment is necessary and response to such treatment.

  • Vitamin B12, Methylmalonic Acid

    Tests used to assess if there is a low vitamin B12 level or deficiency. Such condition has implications for cardiovascular health, memory and cognitive function, neurologic function, and mental health.

  • Hemoglobin A1c

    the hemoglobin A1c is used to measure the blood glucose level within a three month period.

  • Insulin level

    The insulin level is used to determine if there is a risk of developing diabetes.

  • Vitamin D

    The vitamin D exam is used to obtain the exact stored level due to the importance it has in preventing heart and bone disease.

  • Thyroid function tests

    This exam is used to measure thyroid function.


  • Carotid ultrasound screening

    The carotid ultrasound provides a measurement of the thickness of the artery which serves as a diagnostic tool for carotid artery disease.

  • Cleveland Panel

  • Cardiovascular stress test

    This exam detects ischemic heart disease, which is usually caused by narrowed arteries due to plaque buildup and ultimately leads to a heart attack. It is extremely accurate and determines the risk for coronary artery disease.

  • Liver function tests

    This exam is used to detect liver disease or damage.

  • Hepatitis panel

    This exam tests for recent and past exposure to all hepatitis viruses.

  • Renal function tests

    This exam measures your kidney function and evaluates for kidney disease.

  • Urinalysis

    This exam evaluates for a urinary tract infection.

  • Fecal occult blood test

    This exam is used as a screening tool for colon disease.

  • Body composition/DEXA scan

    The DEXA exam is used to measure bone density and for early screening of osteoporosis. The body composition scan is used to measure the percentage of muscle and fat in the body.

  • Pap smear (women)

    The pap smear is indicated annually to screen for cervical disease.

  • Prostate specific antigen (men)

    The PSA is used as a screening marker for the early detection of prostate cancer.

  • Testosterone (men)

    The testosterone exam is used as a screening tool to diagnose for certain male disorders.

  • Comprehensive report of findings and recommendations with translation
Men $ 2,659.00 USD
Women $ 2,844.00 USD
Add Concierge Membership $ 500.00 USD